May 14, 2015

May 2015 Presidential Rambling

Happy May!

I am happy to announce an advancement in our CAST communications. Soon, you will receive an email from CAST with your newsletter. We are transitioning to improve our communication with you, our member. We will be using Constant Contact, a membership email system. Our hope is to provide our CAST community current information with the convenience of an email directly to you, rather than you needing to find it on our website. Remember, you can also find CAST on facebook, twitter, and our website. CAST’s goal is to support, stimulate, and improve science education by supporting teachers. It is important to CAST to keep you informed of what’s happening in science education across our state and nation.

Yes, it's May and we all know... April Showers bring May flowers! Perhaps as a teacher you are thinking….April testing brings May testing. As a state, we have many aspects of testing that culminates in May! Regardless of feelings about testing, we sacrifice some of our teaching time for state assessments. As teachers, we hope our careful planning, inspiring instruction, and implementation of state standards all are evident in our students' success on these assessments. Most assessment is one small window into our students' learning, skills, or knowledge base. For most of us, our greatest success for our students is the spark of curiosity and growing love of science. As your school year draws to an end, may those successes shine through. On behalf of CAST, THANK YOU, teachers, for all you do!! You are that key to student success! Thank you for inspiring our future!

Thank you, DeLene Hoffner

2014-15 CAST President

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