Grant Descriptions

A variety of grants are available to supplement your science program. For a list of grant winners, go to the Grant Winners page.

$1000 Scholarships for Amazon Rainforest PD Workshop

Get your explorer on and apply for a scholarship to explore the Amazon rainforest next summer!  

Educator Academy in the Amazon Rainforest + Machu&n ...more

2014 Cleantech K-12 STEM Challenge Offers Cash Awards

The top three STEM teachers will win STEM Inspire Awards, as well as cash awards to implement their STEM progra ...more

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CAST Mini-Grants Available

Attention teachers: Here is money for your science projects!  CAST members may apply for up to a $200.00 m ...more

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CAST Pre-Service Teacher Award

CAST is currently seeking nominations for our Pre-Service Awards. If you have sponsored a stud ...more

Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award

Do you know an educator or a team of teachers who are using agriculture as a theme to teach academc subjects? Are their students learning about nutrition, the food system, careers in ...more

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Rural Scholarships to attend Colorado Science Conference

Rural Conference Scholarships

In order to support the attendance of rural science teachers at the Colorado Science Conference, CAST is offering 10 rural conference sc ...more